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“A composite of oscillometry, imaging, and spirometry … may prove to be a more accurate means to assess an individual’s disease state.” Usmani et al. 2021

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Acute Cellular Rejection (ACR)

“ The data of Cho and colleagues support… the utility of OS as an essential adjunct to spirometry in [ACR] patients, particularly in centers that do not perform routine surveillance bronchoscopy with transbronchial biopsy.”   Usmani et al. 2020

Chronic lung allograft dysfuction (CLAD)

"OS could be combined with other non-invasive biomarkers, such as computer aided quantitative analysis of chest imaging, or molecular signature of mucosal biopsies to provide a cumulative risk with improved sensitivity and predicative value than individual metrics alone"  Vasileva et al. 2023

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